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June 24th, 2014
We’ve all seen cute canines dressed in fashionable togs and spangled collars, but Lady Gaga apparently went a little too far last week when she Instagrammed a few pics of her beloved French bulldog, Asia, wearing a face-covering bejeweled head-piece in one shot and a three-piece jewelry ensemble in another.


Although the photo was intended as a light-hearted joke, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) was quick to pounce on the controversial singer, who famously wore a dress made of raw flank steak to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

PETA senior vice president of cruelty investigations Daphna Nachminovitch told Radar Online, “Lady Gaga may choose to decorate herself with elaborate and even uncomfortable outfits, but Asia doesn’t get to make that choice."

She continued, "Though it seems pretty clear that Lady Gaga loves Asia, we think Asia — and all dogs — are adorable without all the added flair.”


On Instagram, Gaga captioned Asia’s headdress photo “Little McQueen” in a reference to British fashion designer and couturier Alexander McQueen, who often pushes the boundaries of fashion and jewelry accessories. Similar head-pieces have been seen on the catwalks of high-profile shows, especially during London Fashion Week.


In the second photo, captioned “I don't have time for this moms,” Asia is wearing clip-on earrings and a draped necklace featuring red, white and blue stones. An antique-style bracelet adorned with dark blue and white stones is a tad too big for Asia's puppy-size wrist.

Although critics bashed Gaga for treating her dog as an accessory, Gaga fans flocked to her Instagram to lend support. One follower commented, “Oh shut up! This isn't animal cruelty... I used to put make up on my cats and they seemed to love it! They would just sit there. If Asia didn't enjoy the time with her mommy she wouldn't be around her. She's around her 24/7!”

Gaga and Asia have been inseparable since the singer adopted the dog in April of this year. Gaga carries the pooch everywhere she goes and Asia is often seen mugging for the paparazzi — minus the jewelry.